Barn Thievery!

Have you Witnessed A Barn Robbery Lately?

On the West Coast where myMareCo is located, it seems that there has been an uptick in break-ins, theft, and burglaries at equestrian facilities.  Stories that we’ve heard range from strangers smashing windows and grabbing personal belongings to outright stealing in front of others. There are reports on Facebook that this activity has been happening in Oregon and California – which makes one assume that it is prevalent elsewhere – just hasn’t been reported by people that we know on social media.

My own experience at one of my barns happened just 2 months after my wallet had been stolen by professional “pick-pockets” in a Whole Foods parking lot! While riding my horse at a barn in Lodi, CA, my car window was shattered, and my purse was stolen.  Fortunately, I had learned from the incident when my wallet was stolen to not carry more than 2 credit cards in my purse – which resulted in the thieves only spending about $1,000 before I locked the cards down (vs the $6K when my wallet was taken).  So now, I am trying to use Apple Pay on my phone vs carrying credit cards.

In addition, note that they are not always looking for purses – a fellow rider/associate had her gear stolen from her truck at a show in Oregon.  We’re talking saddle, boots, tack…. she was able to borrow equipment to continue showing but has lost valuable custom gear for herself and horse.

Be safe, be diligent – this can happen anywhere!