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100% Chiffon

Silk Scarf



Kayleigh: 2 Pack Black

Great product

I gallop horses in the mornings. These are not too bulky under my helmet, keep my helmet from getting nasty, and keep my hair out of my face. They’re a little tight when brand new, but are getting better with use

Dana: 6 Pack

Nice fabric!

Love the fabric. Not to hot, not too thick. Just right!

K: 4 Pack


These are amazing. I impulse bought them even though I don’t have long hair. Even with a buzz cut, they’re great. They help keep my helmet dry, they’re super soft and comfy against my skin where my helmet rests, and they make my helmet feel less hot. I didn’t think I’d wear them over my ears, but I actually love it. I don’t have an indoor and it’s buggy as all get out right now. No bugs buzzing around my ears driving me crazy with one of these on. I bought more and keep them in my helmet bag so I always have one.

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