For the Love of Horses

Have you been in a situation where you don’t want to give up riding, but you don’t have a horse to ride?

There are many horse owners who do not have the time to ride their horses and provide consistent training and care. That is where people like us come in. 

To find the right situation may take a little time and effort with contacting horse owners and trainers.  I have found that putting together some videos and networking is a good starting point. 

Here is what I have done in the past to begin my search for a horse to ride:

  1. Find videos of me riding different horses and with several trainers
    1. Trainers may want to see this prior to meeting with you
    2. Short clips work best
  2. Look at local trainers and read available reviews
    1. Friend’s may recommend other trainers
    2. Decide how far away you are willing to drive
  3. Do friends/barn mates know of any horses that are available for sponsorship at their barn?
    1. Ask as many people as you can – word of mouth works!
    2. Not all sponsorships are advertised
  4. Review my finances – how much really can I afford to pay on a monthly basis to ride and take lessons
    1. Finances are the main reason you probably aren’t purchasing a horse
    2. Be realistic about how much you can afford financially and what your time commitment allows

Grab your myMareCo Under Helmet Headband and get ready to try out some horses.

Riding an unknown horse for the first time…. be kind to yourself.  Don’t overthink it and listen to the instructor/owner (whether you agree or not) as they know the horse!

Relax and enjoy – give yourself time to consider if this is a good match!