Riding helmets are a controversial subject and is often argued over whether you should or shouldn’t wear them. In some countries, it is a legal requirement; however, in places where it is not, it may be argued about the requirement of wearing one.  Below is a excerpt from https://www.horsefactbook.com which talks about why we should wear a helmet when riding.
How does a riding helmet protect your head?

Riding helmets reduce the risk of serious head and brain injury by limiting the impact of a collision on the head. They do this by acting as a barrier between the skull and whatever’s causing the impact. It then disperses the force of the impact over a wider area, preventing a concentrated impact in one area. At the same time, the helmet is absorbing the energy of the impact and therefore reducing the force that the skull and brain feel.


Below are just a few good reminders about the all important Helmet!  A piece of equipment that we count on for our safety during each and every ride!