Horse Racing!


We're hot into the season of Horse Racing - are you following the horses? 

From March to late in the Fall, there will be racing to watch and most likely, a track that is relatively close to you. If you don't go to a live racing event, you can always catch it on television.

If you love horses, you probably know a bit about this sport and can appreciate the power and beauty of these young horses.

Watching the sport for me includes a lot of admiration for the Jockey.

The balance, endurance, strength and stamina - not to mention that being able to strategize their ride in the middle of thundering hooves and mud in their face is almost inconceivable to me.

We've had the Derby, Preakness & Belmont (today); however, there are plenty more G-1 races coming up!  Or if you want just a fun day at the park, you may have some races at your local Fairgrounds - check them out!  

A few of the jockeys have started to wear myMareCo headbands which keep their helmet snug and in place during the race - variations can be found here: