"Of Sky and Sea" | Wearable Art

 by Horseglam.com

You might remember myMareCo from the previous blog posts I have written on their moisture wicking  headbands.

Recently, they have expanded their product line to include equestrian inspired silk scarves. I received a beautiful cream colored scarf with grays and light blue that features an original equestrian painting by artist, Anna Noelle Rockwell.


The scarf, titled, "Of Sky and Sea" is made of 100% chiffon silk and feels as soft as it sounds. It is a 35" x 35" square, giving it more versatility in terms of ways to wear it. Tied smartly in a knot or draped casually over shoulders, silk scarves have a unique way of upgrading any outfit.

Priced at $150 it is a reasonable investment, but it will be a classic mainstay of wearable art in your closet for years (possibly generations) to come.

Pro tip: To get rid of any creases, I use a hand steamer. Don't have a steamer? Hang it near your shower! The material is so fine, the creases will fall out.