Why Wear a Headband Under Your Helmet?

Have you seen people wearing headbands during their ride? Is there a reason why they don’t just use a hairnet under their helmet? Here are a few questions that may ring true for you and help you make a decision about headbands under helmets!

 • During a hot and/or humid day, do you tend to sweat a bit and have it dripping down your face during your ride?

• Are you riding in the winter cold and want to protect your ears and keep them warm but don’t want a lot of added bulk under your helmet?

• When you take your helmet off, is your hair matted and frizzy?

• Does your helmet slip just a little bit, but a different size helmet doesn’t quite cut it?


If any of these situations come up while you’re riding, you may want to consider a headband that is made specifically to be worn under a riding helmet.
These polyester bands retain moisture and will stop the sweat from running down your face while you’re trying to see where you are going!

Andrea talks about this in her blog “Keep a Cool Head” seen here:  https://mymareco.com/blogs/our-blogs/keepacoolhead

You can also read about how Allie used the headbands when riding in Alaska and trying to keep her ears warm: https://mymareco.com/blogs/our-blogs/headbands-in-review-by-the-plaid-horse

Allie goes on to talk about how her helmet fit better with the headband and her hair was easier to manage.

“Having ridden in the myMareCo headband several times now, I’m confident knowing my helmet fits exactly as it should. I used to get headaches really easily if my hair wasn’t tucked into my helmet just right, or my hairnet was not done perfectly, and I did not have any issue with headaches in the myMareCo headband. Plus, my ears are warm, messy fly-away hairs are neatly tucked away under the headband, and they are easier to put on than battling knots in hairnets.”

Have a look at the headbands featured by myMareCo here: https://mymareco.com/collections/all