In 2019, myMareCo was formed as an e-commerce store for Equestrian enthusiasts. The creations produced were developed with Ihorse riders in mind; however, they are styled for anyone who may enjoy their elegance.

The first set of products developed were headbands. Worn easily and comfortably under one’s helmet and efficient in both Summer heat (wicking sweat) and Winter cold (keeping ears warm).  These headbands are the first of their kind to be created specifically to be worn under an equestrian helmet.

In collaboration with artist Anna Noelle Rockwell one of her Equine Paintings “Of Sky and Sea”, we created and added a 100% Silk Chiffon Scarf to the myMareCo collection of products.  In 2020 we have continued to create new products  - accessories and garments that are used and loved by the horse community. Check out the New Quick Dry Cap and V Neck Gaiter!

Janice Bird, myMareCo’ s founder has been a horse lover since childhood but, it wasn't until mid-life when her avid-horse-loving neighbor invited her along to check out a barn and ride a horse. She has continued to ride from that day on and is now also an “avid” rider as well as an AA Dressage student for life.


 My new guy, "Santos" !  Just getting to know one another.