About Us

myMareCo was launched in 2019 as an e-commerce store for Equestrian enthusiasts. Seeking that perfect “under helmet” headband and not finding exactly what was needed, we decided to create our own style of headband that would fit perfectly under a helmet without bulk and could wick built up moisture (from wearing that hot helmet).

Working with other equestrians and hearing about needs and wants for riding and daily use at barns, we began to expand our line with fun but, practical accessories such as the V-Neck gaiter with 50+ UPF protection and the Quick-Dry Cap that is foldable and so light-weight, it can be taken and stored just about anywhere.

For the love of horses and their beauty, we collaborated with artist Anna Noelle Rockwell to create a beautiful 100% Silk Chiffon Scarf featuring one of her Equine Paintings “Of Sky and Sea” – a treasure of wearable art that will last forever.

Janice Bird, myMareCo’ s founder has been a horse lover since childhood but, it wasn't until mid-life when her avid-horse-loving neighbor invited her along to check out a barn and ride a horse; her love of horses has only grown over the years. Now with one horse in retirement and a new, 6-year-old Andalusian to train and get to know …  horse life is busy!

My new guy, "Santos"!

Just getting to know one another.