Wanting a Forever Gift?

DecidedlyEquestrian Gives this Scarf a 9.9 Review!

When I saw this stunning Silk Scarf on the myMareCo site I was super excited because artist, Anna Rockwell is a friend of mine and I LOVE her work.  I have a number of her originals hanging about my house.  So a scarf with one of her drawings featured…well…I had to buy it.  I’m just so tickled with how small the horse world can be.

Just a thing of beauty -  Silk Scarves are one of those things you either get and you love…or you don’t.  Personally I’m a large scarf collector.  The wonderful thing about scarves…and even silk ones…is you can find truly beautiful and unique ones at a lot of different price points.  Even if you don’t love scarves…I’m sure someone you love does.  It’s almost a bit of a hobby collecting them for a lot of us.

This particular scarf is a silk chiffon measured at 35″ x 35″ with a hand rolled hem (that’s quite nicely done).  Chiffon if you don’t know, is an extremely lightweight and sheer type of silk weave that is that “billow in the breeze” type material rather than a heavier silk weave so it’s very delicate and airy.  

It’s the perfect spring and summer scarf…however it’s also an EXCELLENT holiday gift for a horse loving scarf collector.

The size is a good one for a silk scarf.  Not too small (with limited tie types) and not too big to overwhelm a smaller frame the 35″x35″ size is a classic one with lots of options for tying around your hair, neck and draping as a shawl.  There are a gazillion YouTube videos showing various ties so go have fun figuring out which you like best!

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